Make calls via VoIP with your smartphone. Without any trouble.
Enter the number and dial. It's that simple. Unfortunately, the technique behind it is difficult for many developers. Not for us. The Voiply Softphone is different. We use the mobile telephony network to make calls. We forward incoming calls to the mobile phone number of the user. And when someone wants to make an outbound call, the user enters the phone number in the app and the system creates a call. The user gets an incoming call on his mobile, and when he takes the call, he'll be forwarded to the chosen number. Now we can ensure high quality of the connection.
It's not just a softphone. We've added some practical extra functions.
Voiply Softphone is compatible with all VoIP platforms
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Small price. Big value. Check our pricing.
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Compatible with every VoIP platform
All the applications from Voiply works perfectly with all the populair VoIP platforms.